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Leasing Made Simple for your Business Equipment

LeaseTech is ideal for most types of business equipment, from office technology to software and expensive capital equipment and machinery.

You don’t have to be a big business to enjoy the benefits of leasing. You can get the equipment you need with a business-friendly lease. It lets you enjoy smoother cash flow, the usual tax effective payments and flexible terms to suit your needs.

So why lock up your money in expensive, depreciating business equipment when you can lease it and use your cash in your business, where you need it most.

Release money invested in furniture, computers and other assets and spend it where you need it most.

LeaseTech is ideal for any business, small, medium or large and gives you the choice of equipment supplier. And, if you are wanting to shop online you can get your lease pre-approved and then finalise equipment.

Leasing Equipment can include:

Diagnostic Equipment

Business Technology
Desktop/Laptop PCs
Handheld Devices

Alarm Systems
Point of Sale Systems

Medical and OH&S Suppliers
Diagnostic Monitors
Scanning Equipment
Specialist Equipment
X-ray Machines

Choose a program specific to your needs

1. LeaseOne for rapidly depreciating high-tech equipment or
2. Lease2own for capital items that have a longer useful life.
3. Lease & Services lease software and services.

LeaseTech make Leasing simple. Call 0800 PLEASE or visit the LeaseTech website for more information.

Leasing gets you the business equipment you need, but leaves your cash in the business, for use as and when you need it

Restore your Working Capital with Sale & Leaseback

When you have plenty of cash in your business, getting the equipment you need is easy; you can buy it outright. But what if business conditions change? The money spent is no longer working capital. It is tied up as a fixed asset, and the lack of cash in the business can make it harder to realise your objectives.

If your working capital is tied up and you need cash now, call us on 0800 PLEASE and discuss our Sale and Leaseback plan. We can restore your business working capital by expensing the equipment. That way you get your cash back and pay for the equipment as you use it. That is the beauty of leasing; you pay for the equipment, not in the form of upfront lump sum, but with easy cash flow-friendly instalments over its productive life.

Sale and Leaseback returns the money you have tied up in assets, such as computers and other business equipment. It revives dead money; money that you’ve spent prepaying for use of a depreciating asset, and returns it to your working capital.

You get your Cash Back in your Business, for use as and when you need it

Many businesses see their employees as one of their main assets, but none would consider prepaying three years’ wages. So why prepay for the use of equipment? Leasing is a smarter option; you don’t tie up your working capital, you get the equipment you need, and you pay as you go with a lease that works for you.

If you want to keep your money in your business, rather than tied up in your business equipment, call 0800 PLEASE to get a lease that is right for you and keeps your working capital working for you.

Leasing Specialists

Juri Zacest
Head of LeaseTech
021 736 012

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