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Working Capital Loans to support your daily operations

With finance ready to go, we could help you to top up your cash flow to make the most of all your opportunities.

How a Working Capital Loan can help

Restaurants, trucking companies and engineering firms are very different types of business but all have one thing in common – they all require a steady flow of working capital.

Without sufficient cash flow on hand, it may be difficult to handle short-term financial needs, such as covering wages, paying expenses of purchasing inventory.

When funds are running low or you need to preserve cash for other requirements, a working capital loan could be the answer.

Finance for your Everyday Operations

We’ve designed our FEI Working Capital Loan to finance a business’ everyday operations. These loans generally have a shorter life span, with a shorter payback period (typically less than a year).

Working capital loans are intended to meet immediate needs rather than fund long-term goals, such as a large-scale expansion of a major equipment purchase.

How our business
lending process works

Complete the online business loan application - usually takes 5-10 minutes
We get back to you with a decision or questions within 24 hours
You'll have funds in your account within a few days

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A Tailored Working Capital Loan from FEI

Whether you need to pay for an inventory invoice, inject cash flow to support slow or delayed receivables, or provide short-term cover for wages during expansion, we can tailor a FEI Working Capital Loan to suit your needs.

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